Event Catering+Dessert Tables

If you live in Springfield, MO or the greater Springfield area and you are getting married know that I am available to cater and create treats for your dessert table. If I’m not already booked. Email me: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com or come by the shop and chat with me.

And if you want to order a dozen (or more) cupcakes for a party or special event let me know and I can have them ready during store hours for you to pick up! But if you don’t let me know ahead of time, I may not have any left that day (we often sell out). So do let me know if I can help you.

Jumbo Size: $2.50 each

Standard Size: $1.75 each

You can receive 10% off your order when you order 30 or more!

I do not mail cupcakes or sweets at this time. But thanks for your interest!

P.S. the dessert table images, above, were taken by Adie of Twin Town Studios.

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